Positive Addiction

Virtual Fitness Classes

That is correct Positive Addiction also offers virtual fitness classes via Zoom Conferencing.

Each class is 30-35 minutes of energy and Fun!

Movements will incorporate predominantly bodyweight exercises, however some light dumbbells or fitness bands may be required. If you do not own equipment, you can use any common household item that has some weight to them.


Each class is ONLY $5 per household so grab the entire family and get fit together with people from all over the country.


Class Schedule (all times are EST)

Tuesday 12pm - Adult Fitness

Tuesday 6:45pm- Adult Fitness


Wednesday 2:15pm- Youth Fitness (Ages 7-17)


Thursday 12pm- Adult Fitness

Thursday 6:45pm- Adult Fitness


Friday 2:15pm- Youth Fitness


Do you have a group of friends / family that want to train together? Maybe you want to form a workplace group that can build camaraderie and help build up your team? If so contact Brendan at 914-409-6693 to schedule a date and time and we'll get you started immediately.