Positive Addiction

About the Owner

Brendan Herlihy

I am originally from the Bronx NY and proud resident of this great city of Norwalk CT since 2009.

My passions after my family are Sports and Fitness.

I always played sports growing up and still do to this day. (I still think that I will be playing SS for the Yankees one day). I wasn't always a fitness enthusiast though. I didn't become addicted to fitness until personal tragedy struck. At the age of 21, I lost my Mother to cancer and 2 months and 25 days later my brother died in an accident. I tell this story because I truly believe getting addicted to fitness helped me overcome the losses I endured. After I lost my loved ones I did what many would do and I lost my way. I questioned my faith and what really mattered.

I lived like this for a few months until one day I walked down to a newly constructed gym on 225th street in the Bronx and I joined. Sure I had to do the required exercise in high school sports but I usually went through the motions back then. Now that I was facing adversity, I fully engaged in a workout program. I read every article on fitness and surrounded myself with the best local trainers. I dove head first in, didn't look back, and after about 6 months of training everyday I finally realized what the power of fitness truly is. I always thought it was about constructing the body that you wanted but I soon realized how much of an effect regular fitness had on your mind. The new "addiction" in my life didn't make me forget about my mother and brother, nothing will, but what it did do was give me the confidence I needed to move on. It gave me a sense of pride and self worth. Had I not found this release I truly believe I would not be here today enjoying everything that life has to offer.

Now I have the privilege and honor to pass along my knowledge of fitness and exercise. I am confident in my methods that I can transform your body to what you desire but more importantly I feel that I can bring you a new found confidence and outlook on life through the power of exercise. Contact me today to "Get Addicted to the New You"!