Positive Addiction

Studio Rentals

Are you a personal trainer that needs a clean & fun environment to train your clients in? Are you an individual that wants to get in a great workout while avoiding the nuances that come with a corporate gym membership?


Positive Addiction can help. We rent out our studio space and the state of the art equipment that comes with it! The studio is 900SF with all of the equipment you will need including squat racks, air bike, rower, max trainer, lateral trainer, treadmill, leverage squat machine, leg developer, heavy bag, barbells, weight plates, leg press, slam balls, full rack of dumbbells and more!

Rentals are priced on a weekly hourly rate and are first come first served.


Pricing for Personal Trainers to train 1:1 Clients:

$20 per session for your first 4 session in the week. $15 per session for each subsequent session. 


Pricing for Personal Trainers to train your group classes:

$30 per session


Pricing for individual usage: (weekly)

Once in any given week is $20

If you use it twice in a week it is $15 per session.

If you use it 3x or more in the week it is only $10 per session.

(Schedules must be confirmed each Sunday with Brendan and payments sent in advance to secure your time slot)