Positive Addiction

L.E.A.R.N. Squad

The LEARN Squad is a newly designed online training program designed specifically for Elementary schools and students. This program will kick off starting August 2018. Applications are now being accepted.
The L.E.A.R.N. (Laugh, Exercise, Articulate, Rest and Nourish) Squad. The LEARN Squad is designed to teach our school children those 5 points that are all crucial to ones development. Positive Addiction has created an alphabet system were each letter of the alphabet holds a different exercise value. EX The letter A = 15 Jumping Jacks. The idea is to have the children learn a different vocabulary word of the day and perform those exercises that correspond to the word. So the child will be learning the alphabet, learning how to spell each word, working on their counting and numbers skills all while performing age appropriate exercises. Each day a video will be posted with the word and corresponding exercises and the students will be asked to "post" that they did their word of the day and encouraged to use the word in a sentence. All of this is can be done at home and can make learning fun!
Numerous studies have shown that as a child moves neurotransmitters are released and blood circulation improves. These changes in the brain can lead to permanent changes such as new nerve cells being generated or new connections between cells. All of this leads to cognitive improvement. Most of all it makes learning fun and keeps the child active and learning proper motor skills. 
3 Ways to Join-
School Affiliation. This gives every student in the elementary school access to the private FB page allowing each student to learn and exercise with the entire "squad". This is an interactive community that will encourage the learning process and keep them motivated to exercise. Total cost is $3k for the school. That in most cases means less than $8 per student. 
School Partnership/ Fundraiser. The partnership gives the school the opportunity to promote and advertise the program through regular school correspondance. This will enable individuals to sign up as they wish. Pricing is $30 per individual student, $15 of which is donated back to the school!
Individual Membership. Individuals that would like to sign up without their school being affiliatted or partnered can do so and still enjoy the interactive learning and exercise program. Pricing for individuals is $30 for the entire school year.
Each membership runs through the course of each school year (August-June). That is 10+ months of learning, exercise and motivation for roughly $10 per student!
Contact Brendan Herlihy to Join 914-409-6693 / positiveaddiction@yahoo.com